Bass Lessons 

The bass is arguably the most underrated instrument. Most people overlook the bassist despite this fact, bass is probably the most critical instrument in a group. It is rare to find a performing band without a bass player. The bass provided both the rhythmic foundation and the harmonic foundation. 
We have the best instructors to make sure you become the best bassist possible. We can teach you acoustic bass, electric bass, ukulele bass or the double bass. We will teach you whatever you want to learn, whether you want to learn how to play smooth jazz or heavy metal.

Our Bass Instructors 

Chris Adriaanse

Bass - Guitar - Ukulele

Chris received his Bachelors in Fine Arts, specialized honours in music from York University in 2012. While at York, he was awarded a York University Talent Scholarship, one of the Dean’s Prizes for Excellence in the Fine Arts, and the Oscar Peterson Scholarship for excellence in Jazz performance. In his final year, Chris was selected as one of the few participants of Jazz FM 91’s ‘Jazzology’ program.

Alex Fournier

Bass - Guitar - Mandolin

Alex Fournier is a double bassist with an interest exploring his instrument completely. Alex began his musical studies at the University of Toronto under such Canadian masters as Dave Young, Andrew Downing and Jim Vivian. As well, he began studying composition under Andrew Downing and Phil Nimmons, graduating with a Bachelor of Music with honors in 2011. Alex later attended both the Banff Creative Music Workshop and the SIM Workshop in 2013, leading him to a position in the Johns Hopkins University's Peabody Conservatory's Jazz Performance program. Currently based in Toronto Ontario, Alex maintains multiple groups, series and initiatives. Among his projects is his long-form composition/improvisation project Triio, which released it’s premiere recording in June 2019.