Drum Lessons 

The drummer is sometimes called the “backbone of the band”. As the backbone of the band, other musicians rely very heavily on him or her to provide a strong beat that will keep a song together.
Not only are the drums important in a band its also a very fun instrument to play. Its also a great stress reliever.
With the right guidance you will be rocking out to your favourite songs in no time. 

Our Drum Instructors 

Ben Fukuzawa

Drums - Guitar - Ukulele

Bio Coming soon...

Tak Arikushi

Guitar - Drums - Bass - Ukulele

Tak first started teaching guitar to a friend in high-school when he was 17. Tak was inspired by the great teachers that he had in my life, who nurtured my musical curiosity and showed me the amazing rewards that music can have. Now after more than 15 years of teaching and developing his skills, Tak has successfully taught and inspired many students. Tak is continually driven to help students overcome their unique challenges and achieve their goals to become the musician they want to be.