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Join Scarboro Music weekly on Tuesday nights at 5:30pm for a kids sing-along. Lyrics will be on the screen to make it easy for everyone to sing along. Cost is $5 child (household). The sing-along will run for 30 minutes and will be led by Jobelle. 
Each week will consist of new songs and children's favourites. Some weeks will be themed and we encourage your child(ren) to dress up as Jobelle will be dressed up as well based on the theme of the night. You will know in advance of the theme so you can prepare as needed.  

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  Jobelle in front of our green screen. We can't give all of our secrets of where Jobelle will be playing and singing from. Each week Jobelle will be playing from a  different setting based on the songs and theme of the evening. Join each week to see where Jobelle will be......It might be a forest, castle, city or even the beach in the middle of winter. You just never know. 


Jobelle is a piano and ukulele instructor with Scarboro Music. Jobelle's passion for music is shown in her teaching and performance. Her energy is high and infectious and is perfect for a kids sing-along. Jobelle is also part of our team that leads our weekly Jam sessions and participates beyond her teaching roles with Scarboro Music in many behind the scenes situations to help bring everything to life virtually. 
Jobelle is available all days of the week for teaching one on one sessions. 

   Dear Parents:
Once you have signed up and registration is complete, invoices will be sent to parents email addresses to be paid online. Links for Zoom sing-along and password will be sent 1 hour prior to each sing-along so it is easy access. Cost is $5 per home and is geared to kids aged 5-10.
If you can't make a sing-along, that is ok, however money paid will not be able to be transferred over to the follow month or refundable. 
We will host the jam on two zoom accounts. One is for us to share the screen and scroll the lyrics so everyone can sing along. The second account will be to monitor the session and assist parents/kids as needed. 
If you have any questions or concerns prior to signing up, please call, email or shoot us a message through the website chat.
Register below and make sure to select Kids Zoom Sing Along option.