Mandolin Lessons 

The mandolin  is a stringed musical instrument in the lute family. The mandolin is highly suitable both for playing melodies of any genre as well as chordal accompaniment. In North America the mandolin is known for its bluegrass/folk sound.  But in Europe the mandolin is popular in classical music, since the range of the mandolin is the same as the violin, it is very popular to play violin compositions on the mandolin.
We will teach you whatever genre of music you want to learn. 

Our mandolin Instructors 

Alex Fournier

Bass - Guitar - Mandolin

Alex Fournier is a double bassist with an interest exploring his instrument completely. Alex began his musical studies at the University of Toronto under such Canadian masters as Dave Young, Andrew Downing and Jim Vivian. As well, he began studying composition under Andrew Downing and Phil Nimmons, graduating with a Bachelor of Music with honors in 2011. Alex later attended both the Banff Creative Music Workshop and the SIM Workshop in 2013, leading him to a position in the Johns Hopkins University's Peabody Conservatory's Jazz Performance program. Currently based in Toronto Ontario, Alex maintains multiple groups, series and initiatives. Among his projects is his long-form composition/improvisation project Triio, which released it’s premiere recording in June 2019.