Welcome To Our Open House

Join us on August 14th from 11:30am to 2:30pm and book a mini lesson with one of our passionate and qualified instructors. Hold the instrument in your hands so you can experience the joy and happiness learning and playing an instrument can be. Book multiple instruments if you are unsure of what you want to learn. Meet the teachers and see first hand what a music lesson is like at Scarboro Music.
Enjoy live music performed by our instructors and enjoy some free ice cream.
Have some fun. Make some noise. Meet new friends. This is what music and music education is about.

Why choose us ?



 Book a mini trial lesson with one of our instructors. Put the instrument of your choice in your hands and experience what a music lesson at Scarboro Music is like with our instructors.

  Each 10 mini session will be focused on teaching everyone a little something so they will have that feeling of joy and excitement as they learn an instrument.
 Undecided of what you want to learn? Book multiple sessions with multiple instruments. Maybe you want to learn guitar or maybe start with the ukulele. Book 2 sessions. Try them both out and see what your heart falls in love with.
Brass and woodwind will be demos only. You may hold the instruments and our instructors will show you how to hold them, proper finger placement and more. Due to Covid-19, we will not be allowing anyone to blow into them.

 We will have live music, ice cream truck, fun and games for all. Let your friends know. Come spend some time at the music store.

 To book a 10 minute mini session click the links below and select your time. 
All mini trial lessons are FREE! Ice Cream is FREE. You will receive coupons for the ice cream.