Saxophone Lessons 

The saxophone  is a family of woodwind instruments usually made of brass and played with a single-reed mouthpiece. The Sax is arguably the coolest instrument known to man. This soulful instrument can convey a lot of emotion by just the way its being played. It can be smooth and tender or loud and aggressive.
We cater to people of all ages and all skill level. Whether you are someone who hasn't even picked up a sax or someone whos been playing for years and wants to take it up another level.  We will help you grow as a player.

Our saxophone Instructors 

Bobby Hsu 

Saxophone - Clarinet - Flute - Piano - Violin

Bobby began playing saxophone at 15 after studying violin from the age of eight. He holds a BA Hons. in linguistics from the University of Toronto, and majored in jazz performance at McGill University

Michael Arthurs

Saxophone - Clarinet - Flute - Piano 

Michael Arthurs earned his Doctor of Musical Arts Degree in composition (jazz emphasis) from The University of Texas at Austin. Born and raised in Toronto,Ontario, Canada he is also an alumnus of Humber College, ,William Paterson University, and The University of Louisville.