The Journey

From birth all children have the ability to play music and with a home filled with music nurturing that ability is greatly increased.
With a parent (or older sibling) by their side, Tunes For Tots is designed to assist a child with development, cognitive and physical skills. Tunes For Tots helps develop creativity and imagination, curiosity, self expression and confidence while gaining stronger gross and fine motor skills while learning a sense of rhythm through the power of music.

  • Saturdays 9am to 9:30am
  • Parent/instructor will be be masked outdoors, 6 feet apart
  • Tot must be accompanied by an adult at all times (or guardian)
  • Any Covid symptoms we ask that you do not attend
  • After August - will continue to do lessons outdoors until the it is too cold and we can convert to in store sessions OR back online (hopefully not)
  • Class size will start at 5 tots and we can increase as allowed by Provincial and local health guidelines


The Melody Glock is our music instrument of choice for Tunes For Tots.
It is ergonomically designed Mangowood base fits easily on a lap or table. Eight precision tuned bars in the C major diatonic scale provide an authentic musical experience. Specially designed resonator chamber enhances the beautiful melodic sound. The Melody Glock is made with either chemical free Rubberwood or Mangowood, non-toxic glue, and water based VOC free paint. This means that they are not only good for the planet, but perfectly safe for children’s mouths as well!
 Tunes for tots will run weekly on Zoom on Tuesday's at 4:30pm for 15 minutes. Cost is $15 per session billed monthly. You will be required to purchase the Melody Glock available from Scarboro Music. Each week you will learn a new song to play and sing with your tot over the course of the week. Included in your price will be a weekly video sent out of additional material as well for you to play learn and play and enjoy the joy and love music with your little one.
 We want Tunes For Tots to be community that promotes and builds a passion and discovery path of music for you and your little one. For the time being, Tunes For Tots will be held remotely on Zoom until we can safely participate in person together.
 To register, please fill out the form below and select Tunes For Tots as the lesson type.
  We can't wait to welcome you into our family and bring music into your home.