Ukulele Lessons 

The Ukulele is a small-guitar like instrument, which was introduced to Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants. The ukulele has become very popular with people of all ages. The ukulele is a great starting instrument, especially for kids who want to learn the guitar but are too small to hold a guitar. The ukulele is not only fun to play but it also sounds amazing!
Beginners will start off learning basic chords, strumming patterns, and keeping time. With that you will be able to play a plethora of songs.

Our Ukulele Instructors 

Liam Stanley 

Guitar - Ukulele - Bass

Liam Stanley is a young jazz guitarist from Toronto, Ontario. Liam has been playing guitar for over a decade, having studied jazz with Humber alumnus Tristan Clark, and York professors Roy Patterson and Lorne Lofsky. Liam graduated from the York University, School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design in 2016 with a B.A., Special Honours in Music.

Tak Arikushi

Guitar  - Bass - Drums - Ukulele

Tak first started teaching guitar to a friend in high-school when he was 17. Tak was inspired by the great teachers that he had in my life, who nurtured my musical curiosity and showed me the amazing rewards that music can have. Now after more than 15 years of teaching and developing his skills, Tak has successfully taught and inspired many students. Tak is continually driven to help students overcome their unique challenges and achieve their goals to become the musician they want to be.


Piano - Ukulele

Jobelle is a firm believer that music is more than what is on a sheet, that it is a universal language. After 10 years of teaching, she has developed her teaching style to focus on cultivating her students’ love for music. Even though she graduated a B.Eng of Chemical Engineering at Ryerson University, her passion is teaching and having completed all 10 RCM piano levels, she enjoys helping her students on their own musical journey.

Chris Adriaanse

Bass - Guitar - Ukulele

Chris received his Bachelors in Fine Arts, specialized honours in music from York University in 2012. While at York, he was awarded a York University Talent Scholarship, one of the Dean’s Prizes for Excellence in the Fine Arts, and the Oscar Peterson Scholarship for excellence in Jazz performance. In his final year, Chris was selected as one of the few participants of Jazz FM 91’s ‘Jazzology’ program.

Ben Fukuzawa 

Drums - Guitar - Ukulele

Bio coming soon...

Alex Fournier

Bass - Guitar - Ukulele - Mandolin

Alex Fournier is a double bassist with an interest exploring his instrument completely. Alex began his musical studies at the University of Toronto under such Canadian masters as Dave Young, Andrew Downing and Jim Vivian. As well, he began studying composition under Andrew Downing and Phil Nimmons, graduating with a Bachelor of Music with honors in 2011. Alex later attended both the Banff Creative Music Workshop and the SIM Workshop in 2013, leading him to a position in the Johns Hopkins University's Peabody Conservatory's Jazz Performance program. Currently based in Toronto Ontario, Alex maintains multiple groups, series and initiatives. Among his projects is his long-form composition/improvisation project Triio, which released it’s premiere recording in June 2019.