They year was 2020 and chaos around the had broken out with the Covid-19 pandemic. Summer was approaching and Ontario Canada and specifically Toronto were becoming safer and restrictions lifting with safe protocols in place. The weather was becoming more beautiful and beautiful each day and Josh (sales and marketing manager at Scarboro Music) wanted to learn how to stand up paddle board. Also a musician and ukulele player, Josh had a few conversations with some music students and that is how it all began.
A few hours later and we had people signing up to do a ukulele stand up paddle board course out on Lake Ontario with WSUP Toronto.
Majority of the group had never paddle boarded before or played ukulele. The adventure began and next thing you know it over 12 weeks, we were out on the water, stand up paddle boarding and playing ukulele - RIGHT ON THE WATER! Some even managed to stand up and play at the same time. Others just fell in lots or in Josh's case - lost his phone at the bottom of the lake.
Summer 2021 (Covid Pending) will be another summer filled with stand up paddle boarding and playing the uke out on the water.
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