Mooer ABY MKII Channel Switcher

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The Mooer Micro ABY MKII is a simple idea well executed to be useful for guitar players. You have one jack (Y) on the left and two jacks (A and B) on the right. In A/B mode the foot switch allows you to toggle between A and B i.e. 1 guitar->Amp A or Amp B. The great thing is that the jacks work in both directions. So you can also do Guitar A or Guitar B -> 1 amp.

Y mode both A and B are used concurrently so you can go from 1 guitar->2 amps or 2 instruments ->1 amp (though this is a bit weird)

For a great little tuner look no further.

ABY Switching
Works in BOTH directions
Multicolored Light Displays A or B or Y Mode
Mico Pedal Size Saves Room on Pedal Board
Solid Built Metal Casing
Uses Standard Boss Style DC 9V Adapter
Brand: Mooer
Weight: 0.44 lb