Mooer Micro Drummer

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The Mooer Micro Drummer plays to any rhythm and can emulate any style, including rock, pop, jazz, R&B, funk, latin, metal, blues and reggae. There are 11 genres in total and each has 11 patterns for a total of 121 drumbeats in this incredibly small pedal.

Operation is simple. By turning the selctor knob, you can choose the style you want and then adjust the tempo, volume and tone. A built-in tap tempo function gives you total control over the rhythm.

This innovative drum machine gives you hands-free control over your drumbeats and is so small it is easy to fit into almost any existing setup and there's no mixer required.

Simple Easy Drum Machine with 11 styles x 11 beat
Tap Tempo
Volume, Tone, Speed controls
True Bypass
Mico Pedal Size Saves Room on Pedal Board
Solid Built Metal Casing
Uses Standard Boss Style DC 9V Adapter (not included)