On-Stage Wood Locking Guitar Hanger

On-Stage Wood Locking Guitar Hanger

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The black On-Stage GS8730BK Wood Locking Guitar Hanger is designed to safely store an electric/acoustic guitar or bass on a wall, keeping your instrument ready for action, so you can play at the very moment inspiration strikes.

The GS8730BK's yolk features a weight-sensing mechanism that automatically locks when you hang your instrument by its headstock, providing a secure hold. The EVA padding supplies ample protection against nicks and scratches for even the most delicate instruments. To unlock your instrument, simply lift it up and away.

With its elegant black wood grain finish the GS8730BK complements your instrument, space, or decor. To simplify installation, a versatile mounting kit and easy-to-read instructions for connecting to studs (recommended) or sheetrock (via drywall anchors) are included.

Use several GS8730BK guitar hangers to keep your entire collection of fretted instruments quickly accessible in your creative space or to proudly display your prized possessions, safely high above the floor and away from accident-prone foot traffic.