Summer Unplugged Group Band Course

Summer Unplugged Group Band Course

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Join us Monday nights at the Beach Tree (924 Kingston Road) for a summer acoustic style band course led by staff, instructors.

 Learn new songs each week and how to play them together. In a casual setting, they will develop teamwork skills, confidence and of course their playing abilities, song selection, and how to play as a group working through pieces of music in a proper fashion allowing opportunities for creating their own version of their favourite songs.

This is a great addition to virtual lessons over the summer.

All instruments welcome.

Drummers - bring a snare and some brushes

Piano - keyboards provided.

Acoustic instruments preferred but we will have a small PA for electric guitars, bass and vocalists.

Sheet music provided for everyone as well as brass and woodwind students.

 Purchase 6 weeks and come to any of the 8 weeks sessions you can during the summer.

**Flexible on age.