TreeWorks Chimes 6-Note Slit Tongue Log Drum

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Timber Drum Co. Slit Tongue Log Drum

Timber Drum Company is a small workshop dedicated to crafting MADE IN USA instruments. This Timber Drum is made of solid American hardwood with a hand-rubbed oil finish. (They are sometimes called tongue drums, log drums or slit drums and have a rich and ancient history in the percussion world.) The sheer weight of this drum is a testament to its build quality.

The Timber T18-M produces six mellow tones that have a warm resonant sound. You do not have to be a drummer or musician to enjoy playing a Timber Drum. It is easy to play because there is no way to hit a wrong note. Just pick up the mallets and start playing whatever comes to mind. It's also fun to keep at home or at your desk for short work breaks and great for drum circles too.

Comes with pair of soft mallets. (Do not play with drum sticks or hard mallets.)


- Solid American hardwood with hand rubbed oil finish
- Easy to play
- Comes with mallets (pair)
- Size: (LxWxH) 18 x 5.5 x 6.25 inches
- Weight: 9.7 lbs