V-Stack BHM Pedal - Burgundy

V-Stack BHM Pedal

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It is not for nothing that Brian May's legendary self-made guitar is known as the "Red Special". Its unusual combination of semi-solid body and series connected pickups produce unique resonant characteristics that are both acoustical and electrical in nature, and which are at the very core of Brian's distinctive sound. In fact, we found this guitar to be so special that we decided it warranted making a special version of the V-Stack - the V-Stack BHM.

Proprietary analog microchip featuring a classic germanium treble booster, followed by a valve amp simulator with vintage design replication of the a 70's “Bohemian” rock tone
Minimal self-noise
Low power circuit design extends battery life
Four control dials: Bass, Cut, Drive, and Master Output
Footswitch for bypass
1/4” input and output jacks
Ideal for D/I recording or live performance
Sleek, rugged casing
LED On/off indicator light
Standard power jack for 9.6V DC power converter